Hiking and bathing in northern Norway - Turbading

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Hiking and bathing in northern Norway


Many know that Norway is a land with great nature. But that Norway ALSO is a great land for bathing and swimming, not that many is aware of!

- We have the right by law to bathe in most of the freshwaters and the sea
- We are few people, so people can usily easily find a lake or a beach to be alone at. At least if you’re outside the central Osloarea and the southern part of the country
- On sunny days in the summer the sun is shining till late in the evening or even all through the night
- We can fish our own food and eat it on the same trip

The advantages are many compared to higher populated countries! Of course, you have no weatherguarantee when you’re in Norway. The chances for rain and 13 degrees are as high as the chances for sun and 20+ degrees. But that’s also the charm of being here.

In northern Norway, the spring oftenly comes a bit later than the southern parts of the country. But we oftenly (at least every other summer the last years) have most sun in the summer, though the middle temperature of course being some degrees colder whatever weather up here. One advantage by this is that it mostly doesn’t get to warm; you can go hiking and be comfortable in the sun even in the middle of the day!

The watertemperatures in northern Norway can range from 10 – 22 degrees on nice summer days! So you need to know where to go if you’re looking for comfortable water to swim in. Oftenly the sea is to cold up here, and will seldomly go over 15 degrees. But there are exceptions of course, and if you’re timing right the chances are better. Try going in the water when high tide has come up over sand and rocks that have been warmed by the sun. I’ve been swimming in 20 degree sea water in a tidalstream, so everything is possible.

Many freshwaters can get comfortable, especially in Nordland. If they’re not to high over the sea, they're not to big and the sun is shining on them without mountains hiding it, the chances for temperatures up to 20 degrees should be good in goodweatherperiods. Especially the Bodø-area and the Hamarøy-Steigen-area has many lakes in this category. See more on this page. Mountain lakes and lakes connected with higher snowmelting areas seldomly get comfortable, even though there are exceptions of course.

If you’re looking for further advice, feel free to send me a mail.

Remember to stay out of lakes that are drinking waters. Also remember to buy fishing cards if you’re fishing in freshwaters. Most freshwaters demand that you buy a oftenly cheap fishing card. The sea is free for everyone, though there are reastrictions on how much you can take with you out of the country.

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